Return Policy

Return Policy

  • Most Items can be returned within 2 days of the purchase date for a full cash or credit card refund.
  • After 2 days and up to 10 days, items can be returned for store credit.
  • After 10 days no returns, exchanges, or refunds will be accepted.

Items that cannot be returned: mattresses, bed frames, box springs, furniture, towels, underwear, make-up, items marked as used, open items and food.

Item Storage

  • If an item(s) is/are purchased and cannot be taken out of the store at the time of the sale, we will need your name, phone number and date of pickup. You will need your receipt for pick-up.
  • If you would like us to hold an item, a 50% deposit will be needed to hold that item for that day. If you decide that you do not want the product, you will receive your full deposit back. If you fail to come back in by the end of the day, we will remove the hold on the item and place it back on the floor for sale and you will receive your full deposit back.

Large items will need to be placed in the cars by the purchaser. We do not supply rope or bungies to secure items. We can assist you to get the items to your car if needed.